Dashy is a bot that exports data from your Discord server to make a dashboard out of it!


  • [Q] What is Dashy?

  • [A] Dashy is a bot that exports data from your discord server to make a dashboard out of it!

  • [Q] Where can i get a vps?

  • [A] Heres a list of good vps providers i would recommend at least 2gb ram

  • [Q] No data is shown but i did everything correctly

  • [A] Sometimes the datasource doesn’t correctly get used in the dashboard in this case you need to edit every panel and select prometheus again.

  • [Q] Why is the suggestions panel is empty?

  • [A] The suggestions panel is a integration with Aethor, to make that panel work you need to add Aethor to your server and enable its suggestions features.

  • [Q] Why does the bot require manage server permissions?

  • [A] This is needed to get the amount of bots in the server.

  • [Q] How are active members determined?

  • [A] Active members are people who send a message within the past 5-6 minutes

  • [Q] error: Are you trying to mount a directory onto a file?

  • [A] You didn’t create the prometheus.yml file and it error you need to remove the prometheus.yml directory and create the file

Getting started


  • A discord server
  • A vps or a Grafana cloud account
  • docker & docker-compose
  • prometheus and grafana (bare metal)
  • basic sys admin knowledge


Add Dashy to your discord server, And run /setup it should give a message similar to this



Then create the grafana instance using [docker][https://docker.com] and follow the steps on this github page further AethorBot/grafana-prometheus.

Bare metal / importing the dashboard manually

Create the prometheus.yml at /etc/prometheus/prometheus.yml.

Go to localhost:300 / server ip / whatever you configured and make the default user (make sure to use a secure password).

Go to configuration and click on add datasources select prometheus and fill the following info in and click save and quit https://api.ascella.host/v2/ascella/view/LFMRBjQW.png

Then go to the dashboard tabs https://api.ascella.host/v2/ascella/view/ICFBrts2.png and click on import the dashboard from dashboard.json


And your done! The dashboard is imported and all data should be viewable, if you have any issues feel free to ask in the Support discord.