Just send me a message privately if you are interested into the premium features and something might be able to be worked out discord name: "tricked."


Feature Free Premium
Button Roles
Anti Invite
Tags 20 200
Suggestion Setups 1 5
Publish Channels 5 10
Ticket Topics 5 20
All suggestion commands
Free Support
Export all suggestions
What is Aethor premium?

Aethor premium is a way to support the developers and to make running the bot worth it.

How does it work?

Aethor premium is a monthly payment and after the payment runs out premium will be removed.

After paying you need to join the discord server and make a ticket with the email used and the discord server id's that you want premium for.

Can i transfer premium to another server?

Yes you can you just have to make a new ticket with the new server id

How do i create a ticket?

There's a channel called tickets in the discord server and you can create a ticket from that channel